The Netherlands

AT COLLECTIBLE, Studio Venere intends to present glass table from "what a nightmare!" project. WAN is a series of low glass tables filled with marbles of various diameters, where the installation principle is an integral part of the concept. Under its own pressure, the mass of marbles is just waiting to spill out like an oil spill: what a nightmare!

This illusion is visually magnified by the ratchet strap encircling the base of the table, reinforcing the idea that this mass of marbles must be securely contained. But none of this will happen, unless we are tempted to grab the side handles or the glass- breaking hammer to release the marbles. Echoing the work of Marco Evaristti, Helena & El Pescador, some will be seized with dread at the impending disaster, while others will simply be spectators, and some may be tempted to take action. Studio Venere intends to present a wall lamp from "cross-over" project. This wall lamp blends two unrelated worlds – fashion and motocross. It combines the aesthetics of motocross gear, including helmets and goggles, with materials from the realm of fashion, such as lace and embroidery. These materials, transformed into vibrant fluorescent colors more commonly associated with motocross gear, create a new aesthetic territory in this context.