Van Erp Objects

The Netherlands

Tre△sure by Van Erp Objects Treasures have captured the imagination for as long as humanity has existed. Beauty, luxury and mystery, coupled with the sense of adventure. Entire expeditions were launched in search of El Dorado's gold. And who, as a child, wasn't on the edge of their seat watching adventure films where the quest started with a treasure map? Van Erp Objects has tried to capture this feeling with 'Tre△sure'. This series of new pieces, made in limited editions, is characterized by a fusion of new techniques and craftsmanship. The objects are constructed from meticulously composed brass triangles. which they have adopted as their signature shape. Building blocks that, due to their small size, are suitable for processes such as patination, oxidation and polishing.

The designs are characterized by simplicity, symmetry and balance. Features that draw attention to the finish. The selection of mesmerizing finishes that can be chosen from for each object was preceded by an extensive material study. This included experimenting with over 100 different recipes and techniques. Both contemporary techniques and very old ones, such as temporarily burying the pieces. The many factors that influence the patination and oxidation process ensure a slightly different end result every time. It makes each triangle unique, like a fingerprint. This provides character and brings these monumental objects to life. Brass is versatile in a way that captures the concept very nicely. The oxidation and patina as a reference to antiquity and the mystical. While polished brass represents luxury and beauty. Because the triangles are connected to each other at different angles, a play of light is created when you move past the objects. Sparkling qualities that, for a brief moment, make you feel like Indiana Jones entering a treasure trove. Tre△sure is an evolving series of design objects. The first pieces are mirrors, vessels and light objects which are available in different sizes and finishings. Each version is a limited edition of 1 prototype + 6 numbered copies + 1 artist proof. More objects and finishings will be added to the series.