Valentine Maurice

The Netherlands

Valentine Maurice, designer specialised in the impact of light on circadian rhythms, and Cédric Breisacher, designer-sculptor focusing on solid wood furniture and currently working on the reuse of scraps in the craft workshop, decided to merge their two worlds to create the Eclipse Lamp. This walnut lamp incorporates a mechanical brass system to diffuse the light source throughout the space.

In the age of the Anthropocene, our relationship with living things is being called into question. How can an object encourage us to perceive another vibration around us and to reconnect with our biorythmes ? How can the micro communicate with the macro? With the Eclipse lamp, we sought to bring together two worlds: the mechanical and the organic, two seemingly opposing approaches to the world. Using a principle of mirror reflection, the lamp creates a crescent moon with its lighting, materialising the surface of the brass disc through the light. This light reveals microscopic flaws, invisible to the naked eye but very much present. It acts like a magnifying glass on the visible surface, allowing us to reconsider our relationship with the world.