Valentine Maurice

The Netherlands

At COLLECTIBLE 2024, Valentine Maurice presents a clock that challenges our digital dependence. Designed for Generation Z, it aims to foster a healthier relationship with time and technology. The clock operates mechanically, encouraging users to detach from digital devices and embrace their biological rhythms. The changing intensity of light serves as a reminder to "unlearn" digital time and reconnect with natural rhythms, potentially easing insomnia. Inspired by mechanics, Maurice's design invites users to experience time as a tangible process, promoting a deeper connection with the material world.

Valentine Maurice, a recent graduate from Design Academy Eindhoven, explores the intersection of art, design, and science. Her work focuses on light's impact on health, particularly insomnia disorders, and aims to foster a sensitive relationship with modern objects. Blurring boundaries between art and design, she seeks to reconnect humans with nature, exploring new rituals to understand time and light.