At COLLECTIBLE 2024, Uppercut will make its debut appearance, showcasing the works of their represented designers and artists since their opening in May 2023. The booth will feature a residential display, emphasizing the functionality of the design pieces, a trademark of Uppercut. Leading the exhibit is Nicolas Zanoni's lava dining table, complemented by Wendy Andreu's 'Spine Shelf' and LS Gomma's rubber lights and vases. Additionally, bespoke cabinets by Arthur Vandergucht and Yoon Shun will be showcased, promising a diverse and captivating collection.

Uppercut, based in Antwerp, is a gallery specializing in art furniture and design, founded and directed with a keen eye for design history. Our exhibitions feature functional art of the highest caliber, showcasing emerging and leading artists and designers who challenge the status quo. We organize quarterly shows in various cities, with plans to establish a space in Brussels. Additionally, we host intimate dinner parties at my apartment, where works are showcased in a relaxed setting for collectors and artists alike.