Tim Teven & Flora Lechner

The Netherlands

Tim Teven and Flora Lechner present TF V1-05 ultra dust at COLLECTIBLE 2024. Compact and efficient, the TF V1-05 ultra dust model combines a dust bin, hand sweeper, and shovel for versatile indoor and outdoor cleaning. With a capacity of up to 120 liters, it handles fine dust and coarse materials with ease. Designed for stability and ease of use, the set ensures a dust-free environment for your home or workplace. Alongside this innovative cleaning solution, Teven and Lechner showcase their furniture pieces, characterized by unconventional materialization in conventional settings.

Tim Teven and Flora Lechner are designers known for their innovative approach and collaborative spirit. Tim Teven, a Dutch designer, emphasizes experimentation in his work, using unconventional materials and production processes to create functional yet striking objects. Based in Eindhoven, his studio crafts each piece by hand with industrial craftsmanship. Flora Lechner, hailing from Vienna, takes an interdisciplinary approach to design, blending moving image and performance elements. Her works serve as stages for potential action, reflecting her interest in activation and conceptual exploration. Since graduating from both the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and the Design Academy Eindhoven, Lechner has pursued independent projects and exhibited across Europe.