Thomas Morineau Barthelemy


At COLLECTIBLE 2024, Thomas Morineau Barthelemy unveils its inaugural self-published collection, "La Taulo e l'Oustau," centered on the wood/clay assembly. Through this collection, the studio explores our relationship with objects, emphasizing the intrinsic reality of their construction. By bridging raw materials with contemporary interiors, the collection aims to reintroduce meaning into consumption, highlighting the origins of each object and allowing the materials to express themselves fully. Featured pieces include a coffee table, pedestal table, pendant light, and wall sconce, presented in a unique scheme exclusive to COLLECTIBLE 2024.

Geste.s, established in 2022 by Thomas Morineau Barthelemy, is an interdisciplinary design platform rooted in a profound appreciation for raw materials and artisanal craftsmanship. Their work spans spaces, furniture, and objects, characterized by sincerity, authenticity, simplicity, and vitality. Emphasizing the importance of craft, Geste.s fosters enduring collaborations with artisans and views design as a continuous dialogue between makers and designers. Their approach prioritizes thoughtful consideration of materials, examining their origins, qualities, and cultural significance. With a commitment to uniting design, materials, and craft, Geste.s strives to deliver unique, honest, ecologically sustainable, and timeless creations that resonate with clients' needs while honoring the essence of natural materials.