OHM Studio


At COLLECTIBLE 2024, OHM Studio presents a poignant narrative embodied in their chair installation. The chair symbolizes the enduring memory of a loved one, immovable and steadfast despite the passage of time. Charged with the essence of the departed, everyday objects become vessels of remembrance, imbued with emotional significance. As the chair weathers the elements, it undergoes a transformation, evolving from a simple piece of furniture into a unique testament to love and loss. Through subtle changes and intricate details, it bears witness to the enduring power of memory and the profound impact of human connection.

OHM Studio embodies the collaborative efforts of two brothers, Guillaume and Thomas, who share a passion for furniture design. Guillaume, a skilled cabinetmaker based in Bordeaux, focuses on crafting materials in his workshop. Meanwhile, Thomas combines his interests in furniture making and graphic design as an artistic director for a luxury brand. This unique blend of skills allows OHM to blend traditional craftsmanship with forward-thinking design concepts. Emphasizing simplicity, their work prioritizes both functional design and efficient manufacturing processes, ensuring high-quality products that showcase their expertise and dedication to their craft.