Szkło Studio x Lindsey Fontijn

Polska / The Netherlands

This collaborative journey is an ongoing conversation, primarily rooted in Amsterdam where the artists met, while also transcending geographical boundaries, extending across the Netherlands, Poland, and Czech Republic. The endeavor between artists Aleksandra and Lindsey, showcased through a collection of Goblets intricately crafted from glass, silver, and adorned with natural gems.

These hand-crafted pieces bring together diverse expertise, techniques, and distinct materials. The world of the Aleksandra and Lindsey collaboration, where Goblets emerge as emblems of "A Public Display of Affection." Each Goblet a testament to shared celebratory moments, transcending the confines of relationships. At the heart of this set lies the profound portrayal of intimacy and connection. These glassware pieces not only encapsulate the essence of togetherness but also elevate it to a ethereal heights, where the very materiality of these vessels resonates with the vibrations of shared experiences. Beyond their functional allure, Goblets embody a dialogue between contrasting materials, a visual symphony where glass and metal entwine in an enchanting embrace. Each piece narrates a tale of the harmonious coalescence, showcasing how distinct materials enrich and complement one another. This collection is a testament to artistic friendship, where each vessel bears the imprints of their shared passion and hands-on synergy. Aleksandra's hand-blown glass, a pivotal component of her personal project - Szkło, intertwines with Lindsey's metalwork, embellished with stones in varying shapes, types, and hues. This fusion stems from a continuous dialogue between the artists, sometimes in person and other times across distances. The alchemy between silver and glass, both shaped through heat and melding, yields final forms that stand worlds apart – one embodying delicacy and fragility, the other embodying flexibility and resilience. The pieces are marking their debut appearance to the audience of Collectible.