Supertoys Supertoys

The Netherlands

Building on the success of their smaller table Flower Light in the duo's signature pink introduced at COLLECTIBLE Fair in 2022, Supertoys Supertoys is excited to unveil the newest member of their Flower Light family. Angel Flower Light is presented in a calming sandy beige color, standing at 80 cm height and weighing approx. 16 kg. This newest addition to the Flower Light family vividly showcases the artists' distinctive style which they coined as 'Radical Cuteness’, challenging traditional design and art norms through playful aesthetics and ambiguous forms. The flowers are bringers of joy and radiating positivity and purity of heart, says the duo. Angel Flower Light newest edition to Supertoys Supertoys’ Flower Light family is printed in sand and available in a highly exclusive sandy beige hue limited edition of 33 pieces only.

SuSu’s mission of "Radical Cuteness" is more than an artistic style—it's a deliberate attempt to infuse imagination into everyday life. The sculptures aim to evoke childlike daydreams, seamlessly blending elements of playfulness, melancholy and nostalgia. According to the artists, this approach serves as a response to the harsh realities of the world, offering a sense of playfulness and adding a touch of softness that allows individuals to transcend their current reality and create their own worlds. Furthermore, the Flower Light sculptures, with their cute and playful aesthetics, serve as nostalgic time capsules, effortlessly transporting individuals back to childhood memories. This shared experience not only brings joy but also functions as a unifying force, fostering connections and bridging cultural differences. The artists have a unique approach, often envisioning the creation of parallel virtual worlds. They describe their process, stating, “Most of the time, we imagine the objects as if they visit us from another planet—free of archetypes, function, and any material or physical constraints”. Supertoys Supertoys continue to push the boundaries of art and design, inviting their audience to explore a world where cutting-edge technology meets cute aesthetics. The Flower Light sculptures stand as a testament to their commitment to creativity and innovation.