Studio Molen

The Netherlands

At COLLECTIBLE 2024, Frederik Molenschot presents "S TATI CA," a monumental installation exploring the harmony between humanity and nature. Within aluminum modular structures, human figures intertwine with vibrant grass blades, blurring the line between civilization and the natural world. Inspired by Jacques Tati's film 'Playtime,' "S TATI CA" offers a utopian vision where progress and nature coexist symbiotically. It challenges perceptions, inviting viewers to contemplate the delicate balance between modernity and the enduring force of nature. This sculptural installation serves as a profound visitor experience, situated at the atrium of the venue.

Frederik Molenschot, founder of Studio Molen since 2005, is a Dutch artist known for transforming landscapes into archetypal objects using bronze and other materials. Raised near factories, his childhood fueled his passion for creation. Now based in Zaandam, he collaborates with craftsmen and explores new techniques. Since 2000, he has documented his journey in a personal Atlas, chronicling culturally significant moments through 3D sculptures.