studio milz


At COLLECTIBLE 2024, studio milz debuts its "Wedged Series," a collection that seamlessly integrates the realms of architecture, graphic design, and innovative woodworking, bridging digital-analog influences. This series is distinguished by its signature use of unique wood joints, where various materials are elegantly connected through stainless steel wedges. This beautiful joint is present across all pieces, creating a consistent yet dynamic aesthetic.

The collection showcases complex wooden structures, adopting geometric forms and clusters of wood, including oak, Douglas fir, and birch. Each piece is enhanced through custom treatments like coloring and graying, accentuating the distinctiveness of the woods. In a striking contrast of materials, the series incorporates different materials ranging from sheet panels made from recycled plastics to substantial blocks of mirror-polished stainless steel, which are skillfully interlocked. This fusion not only exemplifies linear complexity but also adds depth through texture and color contrasts.