Studio BrichetZiegler


At COLLECTIBLE 2024, Caroline Ziegler and Pierre Brichet of Studio BrichetZiegler present the SHAUN Rug Chair, a fusion of carpet and seating. The rug, molded into a soft seat, extends from the floor, transforming into a plush refuge. Supported by an aluminum structure, the chair blurs metal's rigidity, embracing three-dimensional dance. The wool, like warm fur, envelops the structure, creating a sensory sanctuary where emotion and creativity intertwine.

Caroline Ziegler and Pierre Brichet founded Studio BrichetZiegler in 2010, known for their technical and poetic approach at the crossroads of industry and craft. They produce the By Hands collection since 2015, collaborating with renowned furniture and lighting companies and earning recognition such as the Grand Prix de la Création de la Ville de Paris in 2017.