Sofia Karnukaeva


For COLLECTIBLE 2024, Sofia Karnukaeva presents the 'Nomad' project, exploring the theme of Home - its loss and discovery. Drawing inspiration from living organisms emerging from enclosed spaces, such as seeds and eggs, Sofia reflects on the body as both a vessel and a home. Through tactile sculptures resembling nests and beehives, she delves into the constant adaptation and evolution of the nomad, who seeks home within themselves amidst ever-changing environments. Sofia's intuitive approach crafts unique pieces that interact with surrounding materials, inviting viewers to contemplate the interplay between light, form, and the concept of home as a safe and private space.

Sofia Karnukaeva, an artist and architect based in Barcelona, interprets the world through form and material, employing an intuitive method of transformation. Her work explores the influence of external conditions on the emergence of new forms. Through her tactile vessel-sculptures, Sofia translates the abstract into the tangible and the intuitive into the sensory, evoking bodily and zoomorphic shapes reminiscent of nests, beehives, or caves.

  • Address
  • 70 Passatge Domenech I Montaner
  • 08395 Sant Pol de Mar, Barcelona, Spain