Georgia / UK / Russia

At COLLECTIBLE 2024, the architectural office SKNYPL presents CABINET+, a collaborative creation with SAMPLE art gallery. CABINET+ challenges the traditional notion of furniture's fixed form and function by offering adaptability to changing spaces. Comprising two stools, a coffee table, and a shelving unit, CABINET+ seamlessly transforms from individual pieces to a cohesive shelving unit. Crafted entirely from wood and equipped with connectors on all sides, it allows for endless configurations, adapting effortlessly to evolving spaces and daily needs. SAMPLE DESIGN, a curated collection of collectible and studio design, collaborates with local architects, artisans, designers, and artists to offer unique furniture, home decor, and artworks.

SKNYPL is a collaborative office with bases in Tbilisi and London, founded in 2018 by three architects. Their expertise spans architecture, spatial design, furniture design, and cinematography. Their approach transcends ideological and stylistic boundaries, favoring a timeless perspective that addresses contemporary global challenges.

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