At COLLECTIBLE 2024, SAGA presents their debut lighting collection, designed exclusively for Sample Art Gallery, exploring flexibility in domestic spaces. The collection features reconfigurable decorative screens, including wall lights, floor, and table lamps. SWOP offers varied warm light through interchangeable panels, while COMB mesmerizes with its unique prism of color. Sample Design curates collectible and studio design, collaborating with local architects, artisans, and designers.

Established in 2018 by Yulia Ardabievskaya, Alina Kvirvelia, and Artem Staborovsky, SAGA is a collaborative venture merging diverse architectural perspectives. Artem brings a decade of experience from MEGANOM, while Alina's multidisciplinary approach stems from studies at renowned institutes. Yulia supplements her practice with educational roles. SAGA's methodology prioritizes rigorous research, re-evaluating typologies, and formal experimentation to craft a unique architectural language spanning urban planning, building designs, interiors, and design objects, blending fiction and reality.

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  • 15/1 Krasina pereulok
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