Relay Design Projects


Relay Design Project will debut its second collection of commissions by EBBA, HAHA Studio, Jihyun Kim, and Niveau Zero Atelier at COLLECTIBLE 2024. The selection of artists & designers focused on those pushing the boundaries of material use in their fields of expertise - whether that be product design, ceramics, or architecture. Although the brief is left open, preferring to prioritise space & resources, often exciting design themes emerge. In this collection the designers have individually sought to experiment with combinations of dualing materials, occasionally opting for unlikely pairings. For example, reclaimed clay waste combined with precision-cut steel, 3D etched recycled aluminium paired with rubber, and ceramic glazes used to build suspended structures with porcelain.

Relay Design Projects is a London based commissioning platform showcasing limited edition and unique design works by leading artists & designers. The commissioning platform has a strong focus on experimentation, allowing artists & designers resources to produce work outside of their regular remit - be that through the use of new materials, processes or formats. The only adherence to the invitation is that all pieces, be they an item of furniture, lighting or an object, must have a perceivable function. Current artists & designers include EBBA, HAHA Studio, Jihyun Kim, and Niveau Zero Atelier. Recent artists & designers include Attua Aparicio, Jochen Holz, Silo Studio, Robin Grasby/Altrock and Charlotte Kidger.