Reda Amalou Design


At COLLECTIBLE 2024, Reda Amalou presents a curated selection of his exceptional pieces, each showcasing timeless elegance and artisanal excellence. From wardrobes adorned with sun straw marquetry to desks clad in galuchat skins, his designs blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics. Visitors will encounter bronze loung chairs, marble side tables, and a stunning enfilade crafted in cloisonné enamel tiles, showcasing Amalou's appreciation for exceptional materials and innovative techniques. This exhibition reflects his unique artistic vision, inviting viewers to experience the seamless fusion of design passion and artisanal tradition.

Reda Amalou, founder of AW2 architecture, blends architecture and design seamlessly. In 2013, he launched REDA AMALOU DESIGN, crafting elegant furniture and accessories. Inspired by his multicultural upbringing and global travels, his work exudes sophistication and identity. Using rich materials like leather, bronze, and wood, each piece reflects 20th-century aesthetics with a modern twist. Through his gallery, he offers unique and limited edition creations, showcasing craftsmanship at its finest.

  • Address
  • 19 Rue de Varenne
  • 75007 Paris, France