Prisca Razafindrakoto, Simon Geringer & Jean-Baptiste Durand


Their collaboration at COLLECTIBLE 2024 stems from a serendipitous encounter during Paris Design Week 2023. Exhibiting at "espace Commine," they decided to join forces for the fair. Combining Jean-Baptiste's playful naivety, Simon's hardcore industrial vibe, and Prisca's crafty know-how, their shared booth promises a dynamic fusion of diverse design universes.

Jean-Baptiste, a product and interior designer, ventured into ceramics after co-founding "Atelier Super" in Le Havre. With a focus on freeing objects from traditional constraints, his creations embody nonchalance and curiosity, drawing inspiration from diverse sources to create objects that feel like they're from an alternative universe. Prisca Razafindrakoto, specialized in metalwork, crafts sculptures and bespoke furniture in her workshop. Her Franco-Malagasy heritage infuses her work with a blend of surrealism and minimalism, challenging perceptions of metal with light, colorful, and warm designs that explore the material's sensitive and delicate nature. Simon Geringer, on the other hand, explores the representation of objects through imagery, casting doubt on their authenticity by meticulously detailing materials and assemblies. His work prompts viewers to question the necessity of bringing these representations into physical existence.