Pieterjan. Collector. Designer. Interior architect. While collecting interior objects as a personal source of inspiration and with an expertise in “Radical” Italian design and sidesteps towards more contemporary and Belgian design, Pieterjan uses these objects (which surround him in his personal studio) to create a unique universe full of bold colours, unique shapes, and extreme concepts.

Pieterjan’s commissioned interiors are always a service; helping, guiding & even educating clients, making sure the result suits the wanted atmosphere while always providing solutions for specific needs. In contrast to the more humble use of colour and texture used in interior projects, the presentation for COLLECTIBLE will show Pieterjan’s personal vision and taste. ‘design / interior’ will show a bold and expressive staging of objects of desire. As a collector for over three decades the well curated selection offered on display goes a step further and dares to be more explicit. Own designs, which al started as commissions, are placed in contrast or even symbiosis with objects from his vast historical design collection. The main focus of this presentation will be the link between post-modern objects and shapes in dialogue with Pieterjan’s contemporary vision on design.

  • Address
  • 10 Ferdinand Snellaertplein
  • 9040 Gent, Belgium