Noëmi Orgaer


At Collectible, Noëmi will showcase CLOSE, the first edition in a series of objects crafted using curtain rails as a framework to foster intimacy between object and user.Curtains symbolize a boundary between private and public spaces, offering a sense of seclusion. By introducing curtains into a seating context, the architectural element traditionally associated with privacy takes on a new purpose—fostering intimacy between user and objects.

Anything Noëmi Orgaer brings to the table is laced with the bravery of “studying forms” and the naïveté that anything old will, at one point, become new again. Noëmi lowkey shoulders responsibility for True interior design and, of course, high Art (on her own terms). Her unchallenged Google Maps obsession is proof that she does contribute to the infrastructure of a becoming city, just in a Selling Sunset kinda way. But despite this penchant for sexy real estate, she seems to be particularly charmed by the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly — making Brussels and Paris “likely places for her to be”. By now, Orgaer has charted the nichest must-sees of New York, Milan, and especially Seoul — which can explain her love for bistro aesthetics (she has truly seen them all) — but is gatekeeping them for now because she believes it to be a door leading to a thousand others. Text by Stan Van Rompaey