Max Radford Gallery


At COLLECTIBLE this year, the Max Radford Gallery will be showing works by 16 London-based designers and artists, 11 of which will be new to the fair: EJR Barnes, Amelia Stevens, LS Gomma, Louie Isaaman Jones, Fred Thomson, Natalia Triantafylli, Andrew Pierce Scott, Georgia Merritt, Matthew Verdon, Grace Prince, Katy Brett, Nic Sanderson, Eddie Olin, Anya Glik. We will be showing works by the Artist Ty Locke who’s work explores the meaningful parameters of the domestic object, alongside new works from designers such as Lewis Kemmenoe who’s Patchwork Cabinets were firm favourites of last years COLLECTIBLE and is a constant collaborator of the gallery. Expect the booth to be a broad but considered palette of materials with an even wider approach of processes. The Max Radford Gallery looks forward to showing Europe what London has to offer.

Founded in 2020, the Max Radford Gallery platforms creatives working across the greyscale of Art & Design with a particular focus on those blurring these definitions. The Gallery has a local ethos showing work from a roster of London-based Designers, Artists, Craftsmen & Architects to an international audience. The Max Radford Gallery runs a nomadic programme showing at various locations across their home city.