Masha Volkova

The Netherlands

At COLLECTIBLE 2024, Masha Volkova presents "The Black Sheep," a poignant portrait of a cherished individual. This piece pays homage to someone who, despite being ostracized as the black sheep of the class, continually rose above adversity, emerging stronger each time. The table, meticulously crafted through carving, burning, and coating techniques, serves as a testament to the unique beauty that shines from within, embodying the resilience and inner strength of its subject.

Masha Volkova is an object artist known for her sculpture-like furniture and furniture-like sculptures, each embodying a unique personality and wooden skeleton. Through explicit shapes and textures, her works communicate layered narratives, inviting viewers to delve deeper into the often-overlooked objects. Volkova's practice revolves around the dynamics of objectification, prompting reflection on the ethics and meanings inherent in everyday objects. In her world, couches rear up and cabinets fall in love—objects come alive with stories to tell, inviting audiences to listen with their eyes.