Martina Dimitrova


‚Nov Sloy’ (meaning 'new layer' in Bulgarian) which serves as the family title of all objects combined using the method of scratching and layering plasters and paints will be presented at COLLECTIBLE 2024. This method explores aspects of determination and ownership, the influence of previous generations upon us, while highlighting the in-between-steps of manual work, that are so often overlooked and unseen.

By either scratching off parts of starting layers, similar to Sgrafitto, or applying a layer in a very structural manner, the starting point is set and is being followed up by a second color, filling out the uneven base. By a final sanding the intricate patterns are finally being revealed. A hard wax oil finish creates a soft seal, pleasing to the touch, while being a strong protection for a functional object. All objects presented will be staged in a scene, resembling a meeting point for an open and democratic discourse. A variety of intricate patterns and a carefully selected color scheme is exclusively created for COLLECTIBLE 2024.