Maliza Kiasuwa


At COLLECTIBLE 2024, Maliza Kiasuwa presents a collection of works that speak to a minimalist aesthetic, focusing on texture, shape, and the narratives they carry. Their pieces serve as a commentary on the tension between the individual and the collective, exploring humanity's detrimental impact on nature and the environment. Through thoughtful use of materials and form, Maliza invites viewers to reflect on these themes and consider their own relationship with the natural world.

Maliza Kiasuwa is a Belgian visual artist of Afro-descendant origins, whose diverse body of work encompasses painting, collage, and sculpture. Growing up between Brussels and Kinshasa, Maliza draws inspiration from the coexistence of these two worlds, infusing their art with a cross-border perspective. Their pieces have been exhibited internationally in countries such as Kenya, England, the United States, Switzerland, and Italy. Through a mix of natural and man-made materials, including cotton threads, handmade paper, rubber ropes, raffia, and plastic, Maliza's sculptures and collages explore themes of identity, cultural exchange, and the impact of global consumption patterns.