M'ama edizioni


At COLLECTIBLE 2024, M'ama edizioni will present "Ariel," a unique piece from her kitchen collection titled Serendipity. Crafted primarily from briarwood, Ariel combines an oven with a writing desk, backed by an arc-shaped mirror for moments of inspiration. The collection aims to elevate the kitchen into a sanctuary of good living, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The main element of Ariel is made of briarwood, complemented by a sky blue Abet laminated drawer and custom-designed handles crafted through 3D printing. M'ama edizioni's feminine perspective infuses the design with a blend of aesthetics, promising irreverent yet poetic surprises.

M'ama edizioni is an accomplished interior designer and furniture maker, renowned for her distinctive approach to creating spaces and furnishings. With a background in luxury interior design in London and Los Angeles, she opened her own studio in Faenza, Italy, in 2021. In 2023, she launched M'ama edizioni, a brand focused on crafting exclusive furniture with a bold personality. Her work reflects a dedication to quality craftsmanship and innovative design, pushing the boundaries of traditional interior design practices.