Luisa Grasso


At COLLECTIBLE 2024, Luisa unveils the Meccano Table, a captivating blend of mechanics and beauty, embodying her father's legacy and design refinement. Crafted from marble and brass, it seamlessly integrates moving and fixed parts. Additionally, there's a colorful wood version available. The Luisa Stool pays homage to the women of her family, blending ancient comfort with modern design, featuring a metal construction with an optional brushed brass finish.

Born in 1980 in Sannio, Italy, Luisa Grasso studied architecture at the University of Naples Federico II before relocating to Brussels in 2012. There, she established an architecture and interior design firm and ventured into object design in 2020. Her work has been showcased at renowned events such as the EDIT Napoli fair in 2021 and the Milan Fair in 2022. Inspired by her roots, she crafts bespoke products that blend creativity with artisanal skill, epitomizing elegance and imbuing each piece with personal narratives. Her debut collection, "MEMORIES," encapsulates her history and heritage through objects like the Imma screen, Arca coffee table, Class lamp, Meccano table, and Luisa stool.

  • Address
  • 42 Boulevard des Invalides
  • 1160 Brussels, Belgium