Leo Maher

The Netherlands / Germany

For COLLECTIBLE 2024, Maher will showcase 'Bee-Orchid,' a piece from his ongoing series 'Something Sticky,' which delves into queer narratives. Inspired by the orchid flower's evolution to mimic a female bee, 'Bee-Orchid' challenges traditional expectations and celebrates nature's ability to subvert norms.

Leo Maher, a British-born artist and designer, divides his time between Athens and the Netherlands. His creative process involves delving into the archives of past and present material cultures, extracting narratives, and reimagining them into new physical forms. His work challenges conventional notions about our material world and the stories embedded within. Maher approaches each tool or material with equal reverence, understanding the intricate relationship that emerges when narratives, materials, and techniques intersect to form conglomerate objects.

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  • 144P Edisonstraat
  • 5621 HT Eindhoven, The Netherlands