la Kutateladze

Georgia / Germany

At COLLECTIBLE 2024's Curated section, Ia Kutateladze will unveil a new piece, the "Don't Turn A Blind Eye" chair, as part of an ongoing body of work. This chair reflects a deeply personal journey, addressing the artist's struggle with an eating disorder. Through the act of creation, Kutateladze confronts and shares this intimate vulnerability, embracing self-compassion and healing. The chair serves as a symbol of self-love and acceptance, embodying the artist's journey towards embracing the truest version of oneself.

Ia Kutateladze is a versatile designer and artist originally from Tbilisi, Georgia, now based in Berlin since 2016. Since 2019, she has operated her own studio, where she crafts both functional and experimental objects using various materials. Her work is driven by a desire to directly connect personal and emotional experiences with material exploration, delving into the interplay between psychological states, memories, and physical forms. Through her creative practice, she seeks to interpret and translate these inner processes into tangible objects and shapes.