Jordan Fleming

“Looking at Me, Looking at You” is a personal exploration of intimacy. The work considers eye contact as a fundamental part of human emotional connection and interactions, delving into the power of non-verbal expression. Fleming’s surreal semi-human mirror sculptures play with the awkwardness of meeting a stranger’s or a new companion’s eye.

If someone is looking at you, it indicates social interest or a possible desire to communicate, but, of course, you cannot know if someone is looking unless you, in turn, attempt to meet their gaze. Upon first approach, the human-scale chrome mirrors’ reflection is alien and abstract, echoing the mystery inherent in human connection. Yet, upon closing in, these reflections become clear, bringing into focus the intimate reflection of the viewers. Each mirror’s ‘face’ is meticulously adorned with sculpted plaster additions, capturing tender gestures like hands caressing a face. Slowly, the stranger becomes much less strange, potentially a new acquaintance or even a long-term lover. “Looking at Me, Looking at You Mirror” is a testament to the profound power of the unspoken language of the heart and the ability that design has to facilitate connection and become a catalyst for a love story.