Johan Pertl

At COLLECTIBLE 2024, Johan Pertl will showcase "Utopia," a series of sculptural tables crafted from kiln-cast glass. Inspired by the ethereal and utopian, these tables evoke the sensation of melting ice, embodying a sense of volatility and elusiveness. Each piece is uniquely handcrafted, employing an author's mold-making technique that minimizes material usage and reduces glass melting time. The collection comprises a coffee table and a side table, both crafted from a single piece of cast glass.

Johan Pertl, hailing from the Czech Republic's glassmaking hub, Vysocina, embarked on his artistic journey studying in the glass studio at the University of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague, graduating in 2022. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. on direct solar energy's application in glassworks at the same institution, he delves into the intricate interplay of natural and social dynamics. Specializing in crafting collectible designs primarily in glass and marble, Johan established his studio in 2020. His work reflects a delicate balance between designer and craftsman, resulting in uniquely crafted pieces.