Infrastructure Studio


At COLLECTIBLE, Infrastructure Studio presents a unique handcrafted table born from their urban fascination. Inspired by mundane yet essential objects found in Paris, the "Fragment 001 table" repurposes vehicle parts discovered during urban exploration. Crafted from wood and adorned with automotive paint, the table stands on rexroth aluminum legs, showcasing a blend of industrial and handcrafted aesthetics. This piece not only embodies their creative process but also serves as a visual testament to the beauty found in everyday urban life.

Arthur and Macéo Joas, born in 1998 in Ivry-sur-Seine, France, founded Infrastructure Studio in 2019, drawing from their diverse backgrounds and shared experiences. Arthur, enriched by his tenure at luxury houses like Saint Laurent and Dior, specializes in fashion, jewelry, and objects. Meanwhile, Macéo refines his architectural skills, influenced by his work at Hypnos agency and Zyva Studio. Their practice is deeply rooted in their upbringing in Paris, where they draw inspiration from raw materials like metal and concrete. They transform ordinary objects into extraordinary pieces, reflecting the beauty of everyday life in the city.