Inessa Hansch


At COLLECTIBLE 2024, Inessa Hansch presents a unique outdoor bench crafted using a combination of formwork techniques and additive 3D printing. This innovative approach allows for the creation of voluminous forms with minimal material usage. For Hansch, designing outdoor furniture is an artistic endeavor that considers the human scale within urban landscapes. The "volcano bench," characterized by almost anthropomorphic curves and micro-undulations, serves as an inviting entry point into the surrounding landscape. Enabled by additive manufacturing, this bench was specifically designed for the lower square of the iconic "Volcan," Oscar Niemeyer's national stage building in Le Havre.

Inessa Hansch, a Belgian architect based in Paris since 2007, specializes in public space projects aimed at addressing urban issues through artistic structures. Her practice focuses on creating continuity between the integration of constructions within chosen sites and their architectural expression. With a large-scale reflective approach, she seeks to structure space and convey its meaning through design. Hansch's installations, such as benches and belvederes promoting conviviality, have been implemented in urban developments in cities including Versailles, Caen, Lens, Le Havre, and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.