Heger et Demumieux


At COLLECTIBLE, Heger et Demumieux will showcase the Toro chair, embodying fluid movement and durability with its slender, well-balanced components while prioritizing comfort for an inviting seating experience. Additionally, the Jerrican lamp draws inspiration from a memorable encounter in Djerba, Tunisia, where the sight of a man dozing under an illuminated petrol can sparked the idea for a captivating light fixture that serves as a reassuring beacon amidst the darkness, evoking the vibrancy of nocturnal encounters.

Felix Heger-Fournier and Gauthier Demumieux, founders of Heger et Demumieux and Werktraum, transitioned from architecture to crafting everyday objects that blend simplicity and beauty. Their work, guided by minimalist gestures in material choice, aims to reveal the inherent elegance of each piece. They prioritize utility, comfort, and durability, striving to enhance everyday experiences with meticulously crafted works of art.

  • Address
  • 25 Rue de la Roquette
  • 75011 Paris, France