GSL Gallery


Remastering The Past. This first showing at COLLECTIBLE by GSL GALLERY will show exciting new work by Paris-based designer Pauline Leprince as well as pieces from the well-received debut show LE SALON DE SEPTEMBRE, including a stunning daybed by Olivia Bossy, a sleek chaise longue by E.J.R. Barnes and a remarkable chair by Byungsub Kim.

A new venture by award-winning design studio The Guild of Saint Luke, GSL_ GALLERY seeks to elaborate upon its guiding principle of ‘Remastering The Past’ by bringing together contemporary artists and designers who also work according to this way of thinking. Located in a clandestine former factory in Pantin, its expressed aim is to argue that time-honoured techniques and pro-portions are very much alive and well, and that fresh perspectives in production and presentation can keep traditions alive.