Grou Serra


"System 1" by Grou Serra introduces a versatile set of five prototype pieces that offer endless spatial configurations. From foot to connector plate, each component comes in varying sizes, allowing users to assemble them in diverse ways tailored to their needs. Exhibited as a coffee table, work table, shelf system, and stool, these configurations merely scratch the surface of the system's potential, encouraging users to explore countless other arrangements.

Grou Serra is a young Portuguese architect born in Luxembourg and trained in Chicago and Brussels, where he established his office together with Alistair Vaicle in 2021. After his studies in Chicago, Serra pursues ongoing research from a thoroughly baukunst approach to architecture and construction. This dogmatic approach endeavors to make clear four distinct principles: Structure as an architectural factor; Space as an architectural problem; Proportion as a means of architectural expression; The expression value of materials. An approach rooted in a long-term uninterrupted continuity of beliefs, countering the temptations of a fashionable culture market and allowing a certain constructive truth to permeate through his work in a raw, yet elegant result.

  • Address
  • 17A Avenue Paul Dejaer
  • 1060 Brussels, Belgium