Gnilmyd Kcab


At COLLECTIBLE 2024, Gnilmyd Kcab will present their Scalp lampshade in red, exploring the artifice of femininity as a social construct. The lampshade challenges clichés and invites reflection on the idea of femininity as a form of masquerade. Additionally, they will showcase their Trophy rug in coyote fake fur, resembling a decadently thrown coat, prompting contemplation on themes of vanity and luxury. Through these objects, Gnilmyd Kcab sparks dialogue about identity and societal expectations in contemporary design.

Gnilmyd Kcab specializes in designing accessories and home objects inspired by fashion, art, and themes such as femininity, vanity, decadence, and artifice. The studio aims to objectify interior pieces, infusing them with a sense of style and sophistication drawn from diverse cultural influences.