Giulia Cosenza

The Netherlands

At COLLECTIBLE 2024, Giulia Cosenza introduces "Terra Incognita," a series of ceramic perfume bottles capturing fleeting emotions. Crafted by hand with reclaimed clay, each bottle embodies a distinct feeling – from compassion to regret. Collaborating with Clarissa Leyting of Scent Studio, Cosenza enhances the experience with custom concept scents. This limited edition set of 12 bottles offers a unique exploration of the complex interplay between scent and emotion.

Giulia Cosenza is a designer and ceramicist hailing from Milan, now based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. With a background that includes experience at Droog in Amsterdam, she has honed her expertise in conceptual design. Since 2015, Cosenza has delved into the art of ceramics, exploring its tactile, physical, and symbolic dimensions. Her ceramic creations are inspired by the familiar and functional aspects of domestic life, yet challenge convention with hybrid pieces that blur the lines between functionality and symbolism. Cosenza views ceramics as more than mere objects; she sees them as ritual tools imbued with cultural significance and tradition. Her practice navigates the delicate balance between functionality and sculpture, transforming pottery into powerful symbols with a tangible material presence.

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  • 125C Statenweg
  • 3039HK Rotterdam, The Netherlands