The Danner-Foundation's participation at COLLECTIBLE features furniture by Gunther Pfeffer, an artist and designer renowned for his focus on traditional craftsmanship and the beauty of simplicity. Pfeffer employs traditional carpentry techniques but infuses them with a unique twist for each project. His creations blend seemingly opposing qualities such as poetry and reduction, resulting in objects and furniture that exude both elegance and minimalism. With an emphasis on simplicity, technical precision, and a subtle yet impactful design language, Pfeffer's work seamlessly integrates creative vision, construction, technology, and aesthetics into cohesive pieces.

Founded in 1920 in Munich, the Danner Foundation stands as a bastion of artistic craftsmanship promotion in Europe. Since 1984, it has bestowed the prestigious Danner Prize every three years, recognizing exceptional accomplishments in arts and craftsmanship. This esteemed competition fosters innovation and creativity, spotlighting groundbreaking ideas and advancements in the field. Selected by a panel of international experts, the artists and objects showcased represent the pinnacle of artisanal excellence and innovative design concepts.