CoCo Ree Lemery


Studio Kloak is thrilled to introduce the Cypress Collection at COLLECTIBLE 2024. Studio Kloak is an innovative studio founded by CoCo Ree Lemery, an American Designer and Educator. Focused on the principles of sustainability and the art of sculptural craftsmanship, Studio Kloak is dedicated to establishing a safe, inclusive, and educational makerspace for female-identified artisans.

Formerly a Design Director, CoCo Ree Lemery has a wealth of experience in designing furniture and home goods for prominent corporate clients. In 2022, she made the transition to full-time professorship at Purdue University, where she conducts pioneering research at the crossroads of craft, design, and artificial intelligence (AI). CoCo Ree Lemery is an accomplished and award-winning designer whose work has earned global acclaim. Her expertise is highly sought after by prominent media outlets such as the Business Insider and The Washington Post.