Clara Jorisch

At COLLECTIBLE 2024, Clara Jorisch presents piece of her collection of poufs, modular furniture pieces designed for relaxation. Crafted from soft foam and elastic fabric, these poufs feature concealed seams and draw inspiration from Shibari, the intricate art of rope bondage. Using ropes to sculpt their soft masses, the poufs evoke tension and allure, reminiscent of entangled bodies. Each pouf offers a cozy and inviting space, capable of standalone use or integration into a modular system for versatile arrangements, inviting playful interactions and intimate connections within the space.

Clara Jorisch is a Montreal-based glass artist, designer, and craftsperson known for her sculptural approach to everyday objects. Her work revolves around transforming seemingly mundane concepts into unique pieces that challenge conventional interaction with familiar environments. Characterized by a simple, modern, and playful aesthetic, her creations often feature organic shapes. Clara's diverse practice spans glass sculptures, designed objects, spatial installations, and furniture, reflecting her innovative and multidisciplinary approach to art and design.

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  • 3524 Av. Prud'homme
  • QC H4A 3H4 Montréal, Canada