The ceramic fountain by ccontinua+mamt (Chiara Caselli and Francesco Carrasso) is a result of the duo's recent exploration on porcelain bas-relief and tattooed ceramics. Francesco utilises underglaze pencils to decorate the surface, imprinting words and figures from a dreamy and primordial imagination onto the ceramic forms modelled by Chiara, as if they were ink on skin. The forms, captured in the frame of an intentional incompleteness, allude to a desired fusion of man and nature, for a journey that reconnects us with our origins.

The work draws upon ancient mythology of mermaids, whose legend speaks of creatures with human heads, bird-like bodies, and scaly feet. They gracefully evolved over time into half-fish half-women marine seductresses: dangerous inhabitants of the un-known territories of the abyss, relegated to the darkness of temptation. This ceramic fountain is a celebration of the allure of hybrids, embracing the limitless unpredictability of nature and the infinite facets it presents. The sweetest temptation to explore the true self, where Monsters shed tears of pearls. A cylindrical porcelain bas-relief function as a base for the fountain; it has been handcrafted in three separate modules, combined on each other into a unique totem. The top parts of the ceramic water spring is the result of a collaborative process of 4-hand shaping and clay modelling, guided by an instinctual and fluid approach. The fountain stands as contemporary totem and silent narrator of a dreamy and instinctive storytelling: at its base, a hieroglyphic mantra my grandma is a mermaid invites viewers to rediscover primordial instincts and a childish insouciance.