Carol Gay


At COLLECTIBLE 2024, Carol Gay will present the Pingente Lamp, which serves as both functional lighting and an artistic statement advocating for environmental preservation. Through its design, materials, and symbolism, the lamp aims to evoke emotions and encourage reflection on humanity's relationship with nature. With its natural motifs and subtle messaging, the Pingente Lamp seeks to inspire a deeper connection to the environment and promote sustainable behaviors.

Carol Gay's journey spans a decade of exploration with artisanal glass, resulting in a new creation. Embracing the material's spontaneity, the piece evolves beyond traditional crystal chandeliers, embodying unique forms inspired by the Amazon region's flora and fauna. Crafted with aged brass and Brazilian marble, the collection reflects a dialogue between inspiration and material, classicism and authorial creation.

  • Address
  • 268 Rua Tupi
  • Santa Cecília - SP São Paulo , Brazil