Bastiaan Kalmeyer

The Netherlands

At COLLECTIBLE 2024, Bastiaan Kalmeyer introduces "The Room Divider," a conceptual marvel in the Architect <=> Designer section. These innovative separation walls, crafted from aluminium sheets, reimagine ancient architectural elements for modern spaces. With their light, movable, and permeable design, they redefine boundaries while fostering an open and flexible floor experience.

Bastiaan Kalmeyer is a co-founder of IWT, an architectural design office in Rotterdam. With a focus on exploring evolving environments, IWT crafts spatial narratives and architectural solutions for diverse clients. From large-scale urban developments to intimate interiors, they understand the interconnectedness of various spatial scales. Established in 2013, IWT has been recognized as finalists for prestigious awards such as the ARC17 Young Architect Award and the BNA Next Step Award. Additionally, Bastiaan Kalmeyer is involved in House of Fundamental, which includes ventures like, .objects, and .fragrances, aiming to enrich the gastronomic experience through various sensory elements.