For COLLECTIBLE 2024, Augusta's debut showcases six Brussels-based designers exploring sustainable design through material transformation. Eloïse Maës, Audrey Werthle from La Gadoue Atelier, Roxane Lahidji, Louise Richard, and the duo Ariane van Dievoet and Didier Henry emphasize the potential of natural materials, offcuts, and damaged products in creating environmentally-friendly designs. Their works highlight the interplay of wool and salt, brass and stone, linen, and more, each piece reflecting the unique qualities and reactions of its chosen materials.

Augusta, specializing in sustainable design, opened in September 2023 in Brussels' Sablon neighborhood. The gallery showcases unique pieces crafted by designers using recycled or bio-based materials. Founded by sisters Ariane and Lara van Dievoet, Augusta honors their great-grandmother, Augusta Debled, an art gallerist in the 1920s. Ariane focuses on material repurposing and leads AVANDI, while Lara manages Augusta's communications. The gallery's renovation prioritizes sustainability, using existing elements and natural materials.