Atelier Fomenta

Czechia / Canada

At COLLECTIBLE 2024, Fomenta introduces "Catenaries," a unique chair that invites interaction and conversation. This dim-lit chair explores innovative seating arrangements, featuring a "catenary cushion" that forms the seat back. The cushion is strategically folded to comfortably accommodate two or more individuals and is illuminated by an overcasting lamp crafted in collaboration with Quebecois glass blowers. "Catenaries" embodies the anticipation of encounters, mirroring the quirky charm of initial conversations.

Atelier Fomenta embraces a multidisciplinary approach, delving into various scales of design spanning objects, spaces, and installations. Intrigued by patina and material memory, the studio explores the preservation of certain objects and the emotional impact they impart, shaping environments of exchange. Fomenta's interest lies in objects that blur the lines between functionality and irony, utility and sculpture, offering unique interactions with the body. The studio places emphasis on the creative process, from meticulous research and documentation to collaborative production with local craftsmen, ensuring each project is imbued with depth and craftsmanship.