Anais Borie

The Netherlands

At COLLECTIBLE 2024, Anaïs Borie presents "Elegy in Pearls," inspired by the French daisy game, a poetic ritual of love's inquiry. Each bead, akin to a metaphorical tear, is meticulously positioned to compose an intricate tapestry of flowers. The pearls symbolize emotional fragility, cascading delicately across the frame, encapsulating a profound journey through the dance of love and memory. "Elegy in Pearls" is a testament to enduring beauty, woven from the threads of intricate emotions and cherished recollections.

Anaïs Borie, a French designer residing in the Netherlands, delves into the mythical intersection of craft and technology. Her creations seamlessly merge technology, performance sounds, and craftsmanship, crafting alternative narratives that animate hybrid beings and offer glimpses into potential futures. Through her practice, Anaïs explores the dynamic relationship between tradition and innovation, forging new pathways in design.

  • Address
  • 49 Bergstraat
  • 3035 TH Rotterdam, The Netherlands