alp design


For COLLECTIBLE 2024, Annick is presenting a new collection of objects. The alp stool 140 was inspired by the ancient Japanese art of rope binding. Annick is playing with the softness of the padding covered with white upcycled fabric bands and the strong patterns created with the black leather cord.

The alp vessel 555 was created using leather offcuts stitched together with thread, creating a strong rythmical pattern on the plain leather. Annick enjoys the contrast of the materials and is playing with the opposite textures of the smoothness of the natural leather and the patterns created by the white waxed thread. For the first time Annick has been experimenting with plaster, using plaster bands over a metal mesh structure, creating different objects inspired by the beautiful world of seeds. The sculptural objects take on organic shapes, reflecting the forms of the natural world and bringing them indoors. With these organic shapes she is exploring the relation between the natural world and the comfort it brings to human life.