The Millen House

The Netherlands

The Millen House debuts at COLLECTIBLE 2024 with a blend of iconic Dutch design and contemporary works, bridging tradition and innovation. Our exhibit features unconventional pieces that combine earthy materials with futuristic elements, evoking echoes of architecture and 1980s technology. Inspired by the poly synthesizer Jupiter 4, our group show channels early post-modern experimentation while hinting at connections to extraterrestrial worlds. Explore our curated space and immerse yourself in a dialogue that sparks imagination.

The Millen House, situated in Amsterdam, is a burgeoning gallery and project space curated by architect Niek Schoenmakers. Our collection seamlessly merges 20th-century and contemporary art with collectible design, emphasizing architectural nuances, craftsmanship, and the interplay between time and medium. As a vital part of Amsterdam's contemporary art and design scene, The Millen House serves as a platform for the creative industry to explore, contemplate, and engage with our diverse collection.