Yuma Kano


Born in Japan in 1988. Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University, Department of Design, majoring in interior architecture. After working as an assistant to artist Yasuhiro Suzuki, he established his design office, STUDIO YUMAKANO, in 2012. Based in Tokyo, from a single screw to product design, interior planning, brand direction and material research, he combines an experimental approach with a prototyping-oriented process to design a wide range of things. In recent years, he has been actively exhibiting in Milan, Paris and other cities in Japan. Received major awards including; Good Design Award, M&O Rising Talents Award, German Design Award.

FORESTBANK isn't simply lumber, but a material design that looks to find the variety of value in entire forests. ForestBank researches the problems and possibilities around forests, and rather than simply creating lumber, seeks to find the various value in whole forests, performing experiments and developing materials that realize that desire. These products are made from small trees, foliage, bark, seeds, soil, and other items considered worthless for construction or furniture making by mixing them only with a reactive mineral base.